Website URL: http://ulaalib.org/

This is my first Drupal Project. I did this project as my Senior Design Project which won the Certificate of Excellence in Education & Community Service Group in the 2012 Expo! that come with a price tag of $500.00. The redesign project of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) Web site is the response to the numerous problems faced by ULAA members and staff. ULAA is one of the largest voluntary, nonprofit community based African organizations within the United States.  The biggest problems facing ULAA were the difficulties staff faced when editing the site’s content and the inability to support and collaborate with ULAA’s chapters and social media sites. Another challenge is the site’s interface, which was cluttered and not user-centered.

The redesigned project is a dynamic database driven Drupal content management system Web site developed using PHP and MySQL that will support the collaboration of ULAA’s chapters and serves as a centralized portal for all Liberian organizations within the Americas. Staff and chapter leaders with little or no HTML skills will be able to edit and update the site’s content using RTF editors. It has a consistence style and structure and a members only section. Users will be able to easily search and find content that are archived over the years. Members will be able to interact with each other through On-line groups, forums, and Facebook and Twitter social plugins. It will also support On-line donation via PayPal