OBIEE 11g - 20 Golden Rules For Repository Design


1.When modelling a star-schema data-model, create aliases for all your physical tables (prefixed with either “Dim_”, “Fact_” or “Fact_Agg_”

 2.        When possible, configure your connection pools to use a “native driver” to connect to your physical databases. For example, use OCI for connecting to an Oracle database rather than ODBC

Developing requirements for an OBIEE project

By Norm Bowen

Eliciting and creating requirements for an OBIEE project is a very important step in creating a successful, pervasive OBIEE system in an organization.

How the OBIEE RPD Relates to the Data Warehouse

Originally posted on March 29, 2013 by Performance Architects

OBIEE usage over the world

Working on OBIee for several years, I always made my searches in english. 
But today i was wondering how Oracle BI is used worldwide, depending on countries.

SWOGC 2013 - Team Dakota Center

To sum up our project:
The Dakota Center wants a new website that will enable non-technical staff members to easily add events, items, picture, etc to their front page, they want to incorporate their active Facebook community into the web site, and migrate most of their existing content over to the new website.
The end goal is to make it look good, and make it easy for them to keep up to date.

Setting up Usage Tracking in OBIee in 2 steps

Setting up usage tracking can be tricky now in 11g because it is a feature that exists for a long time now.

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